— Product FAQ —

Why choose mink fur and horse hair eyelashes?

The difference is in the quality! Mink and horse hair is 100% natural. It provides a subtle non artificial shine and has a feather like wispy look . Our lashes can be curled like human hair, and can be worn many times with proper care. Synthetic eyelashes, although cheaper, are fake, unnatural when worn, and can only be used a few times.

What is the difference between mink fur and horse hair lashes?

Both lashes are of the highest quality. It all depends what you are looking for. Mink fur provides a more dramatic wispy look while horse hair is more subtle, delicate and feathery. We highly recommend you try both.

How do I measure and trim MINKED LASHES?

Before applying glue and trimming the lash, measure your lashes so that it fits the length of your natural lash line. Always trim from the outer end of the lash and not the inner. We recommend users cut just short of the natural length of the eye as this will provide an easier application and will prevent the band from poking the inner corner of your eyes.

Can you curl and use mascara on the lashes?

Our handcrafted genuine mink and horse hair lashes already have a natural beautiful curl. However if you choose to curl them , you can curl the lashes as if they are your own and the curl will maintain its shape for a long time. We do not suggest using mascara on the eyelashes as it will give them a less natural look and provide less wears. The horse hair particularly can not handle mascara because of it’s delicacy. Wear them as is, believe us – they are perfect!

Can you swim while wearing MINKED LASHES lashes?

No, we do not recommend swimming in our lashes as this can ruin the curl and style of the lash. Mink fur and horse hair is delicate and soaking the lashes in water can ruin the design.

How do you clean and store the lashes?

To ensure the longevity of your beautiful handcrafted lashes we suggest gently and lightly pulling off any excess glue from the band after wearing them and placing them in their original casing so that they retain their shape.